The 2009 USC Charity COVERAGE

From a casual conversation, the first USC Charity Ball is born. the much awaited event will benefit The World Is Just A Book Away (WitJABA) Fund, a Charity fund to bring books and education to children in developing countries. WIJABA first project will be focused on building libraries adn renovating schools for children in Sidoarjo, Indonesia.

This year USC Charity Ball will be more spectacular than ever! Using theme from a classic movie, The Godfather, guest (USC and non USC Alums) are invited to have an evening of networking with good food, auction, games, and some more.


Forewords The 2010 USC Charity

Lights, drinks, and friends… It was the night that many of us had anticipated, April Fool’s day 2009 where nobody was a fool.  The costumes, the games, and the music, carried the night away while guests reminiscing some of the best quotes from The Godfather, the theme we picked for our last year’s event.  More than four hundred of us were there, winning games, savoring good wines, and bringing home some beautiful paintings and a night or two of luxury vacations…

In our Charity Ball, AUSCI has chosen to collaborate with The World is Just a Book Away, in short, WIJABA (, to make sure that every penny reached our cause.  So several months later, in June 2009, with the proceeds from the guests at that very night, the first ten libraries were launched in Sidoarjo, the area that was hit hard by a mud flood disaster years earlier.

Professor James Owens, the WIJABA’s founder and a USC Professor, has a vision:  to have a world where all children have access to books, a quality education, and a hope for the future.  His main focus is to build libraries in developing countries – Indonesia being first in his list.  Through our Charity Ball that you attended and helped support, a total of 30 libraries and 1 mobile library were built for 9000+ children from grade 1 to 6 in Sidoarjo in 2009 alone.

This year, we have an ambitious target of twice as many libraries in Padang, an area that was hit hard by a major earthquake last year. With that cause in mind, AUSCI is throwing its 2nd Charity Ball and inviting USC alumni and friends to share the "Hollywood Halloween” stage with us. In our 2nd Charity Ball, you can expect twice of everything, the fun, the crowds, and definitely, the booze!

So, spread the word and make yourself count.  Let’s paint Jakarta red together for a great cause!

Vanessa Hendriadi
Event Chair
AUSCI Charity Ball 2010