Husodo Angkosubroto
Year 1977 Alumni

Dear Fellow Trojans:

It's an exciting time to be a Trojan.

As a member of the class of 1977, I've noticed that the value of my USC degree has been rising.  And guess what, the upward trajectory hasn't stopped!

What do I mean by this? USC used to be known as the University of Second Choice. This was supposed to mean, that people who could not get into a TOP 40 US university, might have been "settling" for USC as their second choice.

In the 90s, with President Sample at the helm, USC went on to become "the fastest rising private university" in American higher education.

Entering the new millennium, TIME magazine named USC "College of The Year," and not long after, Newsweek reported that USC was "the Hottest School" in America. And just last month (September 2010), USC was officially ranked #23 by US News & World Report, one higher than #24 UCLA.

When I was enrolled at USC back in 1975, the university, although excellent, was quite distant from the TOP 40 of American higher education, let alone TOP 25.  My friends from across town used to throw dollar notes and coins to the USC section during football games, because, they reasoned, USC meant the University of $ (dollars) and Cents. 

Doesn't matter what they throw at us now, because becoming a Trojan is now as hard, if not more difficult, than getting into Westwood; no matter how much dollars and cents you have.

What I've been trying to say is, the value of my USC degree has kept on increasing, by leaps and bounds.  How about that for a good investment?

Returning to Indonesia, I am happy to share that my USC-learned skills have given me a solid foundation to learn more, to get better at managing the various ventures I am involved in.

As an alumni, I can't help but notice all the good things happening back in my alma mater.  This has in turn encouraged me to do more for the alumni association in Indonesia.

AUSCI. yayasan Alumni USC Indonesia, is on track to become the first US alumni association to have its own endowment fund. Why an endowment? Because I believe that by having a permanent, and self-funded, office for USC alumni, we can ensure that our alumni can continue to flourish as a solid alumni association.

What gives me most joy is to see the younger Trojans putting their time and effort, to make AUSCI perhaps the most vibrant alumni association of any overseas universities. The USC Charity Ball of 2009 and 2010 are just small proof of that, and the libraries that we are building for the children of Indonesia are certainly more than the icing on the cake.

Just like our alma mater, I sincerely believe that AUSCI is on an upward trajectory as well.  Let's join hands and be the best Trojans that we can be.

With that, I would like to close by saying..

Fight On!

Husodo Angkosubroto
Class of 1977